Send Email Marketing Campaigns

Targeted emails sent at the right time can help you turn prospects into loyal customers and increase your revenue.

Memperkenalkan 1st Patuh-Syariah Penyedia Platform Emel di Malaysia
Send email

Easily send thousands of emails and get them into the inbox

Manage Your Subscribers

Upload and manage unlimited Subscribers and target them for your email campaigns. Easily segment and organise your database in a secure environment.

Create Beutiful Newsletters

Easily build your next award-winning campaign with our hundreds of ready-made responsive email templates and drop-and-drop functionalities.

Report for Continuous Improvement

Track the performance of your email marketing campaigns to improve deliverability and engagement metrics such as opens, clicks, etc. with built-in data analytics.

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Send Email Marketing Campaigns

Send high-volume email campaigns to your target audience, manage subscribers and generate leads

Auto-schedule Campaigns

Send millions of email everday and auto-schedule your email campaigns in MailNiaga

Email Deliverability

Manage your email to keep clean and valid to ensure that your email list is clean and duly validated.

Integrasi dengan tool bisnes kegemaran anda

Tambah subscriber ke sistem Mail Niaga daripada tool kegemaran anda. Engage dengan lebih ramai subscriber setiap bulan untuk menaikkan angka jualan.