Email Deliverability

Helping You Get Your Emails to the Inbox

Memperkenalkan 1st Patuh-Syariah Penyedia Platform Emel di Malaysia
email best

Easily send thousands of emails and get them into the inbox

Email Authentication

Authenticate with SPF, DKIM, DMARC to send phishing and legitimate emails. Increase your email deliverability by building trust for your sending domains.

Spam Compliance

Use special links to comply with email best practices such as updating business profile and allowing recipients to unsubscribe.

Reputation Management

Easily identify delivery issues from built-in reporting dashboards. Enterprise delivery services for high volume senders, including domain and IP reputation monitoring.

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Send Email Marketing Campaigns

Send high-volume email campaigns to your target audience, manage subscribers and generate leads

Auto-schedule Campaigns

Send millions of email everday and auto-schedule your email campaigns in MailNiaga

Email Deliverability

Manage your email to keep clean and valid to ensure that your email list is clean and duly validated.

Integrasi dengan tool bisnes kegemaran anda

Tambah subscriber ke sistem Mail Niaga daripada tool kegemaran anda. Engage dengan lebih ramai subscriber setiap bulan untuk menaikkan angka jualan.