Email Analytics​

Comprehensive reports to gain insights on your email performance.

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Understanding analytics for continuous improvement​​​

Engagement Reports

Track delivery, open, click, device, time, and demographics to improve your email marketing conversions.

Delivery Failures

Enhance your delivery reputation by addressing bounces, opt-outs, and complaints effectively. We automate this process for you.

Realtime Callbacks

Looking for more business automation? We provide real-time engagement reports via webhook notification

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Email Analytics​

Reports on your campaign delivery rate such as open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates and more.

Audience Growth

Track growth of your contact list and know which date or campaign had more leads.

Sending Logs

Detect any error or bug based on sending logs such as delivery logs, bounces logs, unsubscribe log etc.

Integrasi dengan tool bisnes kegemaran anda

Tambah subscriber ke sistem Mail Niaga daripada tool kegemaran anda. Engage dengan lebih ramai subscriber setiap bulan untuk menaikkan angka jualan.