Mail Niaga Function

Blast more emails for less! Our pricing helps you execute your daily email strategy at a fraction of the cost.


Automatically send a series of emails at custom intervals. Simply streamline your communication.

List Segmentation

Easily filter your subscriber list based on defined conditions through dynamic segmentation.


Explore our comprehensive campaign report such as opened rate, link clicked, and more.

Double Opt-in

Double opt-in ensures only qualified subscribers, preventing spam. Verify the email to join your exclusive community.

Custom Field

Gather additional information beyond subscriber name & email such as phone numbers, birthdates and age.

Subscriber Management

Organize subscriber database into dedicated lists for efficient management and systematic organization.

Bulk Import & Export

Effortlessly import subscribers from CSV files in bulk into the system. Seamlessly export subscribers in bulk.

Subscription Form

Unlock instant subscription with our ready-to-use form. Seamlessly integrate it across your social media.

Email Builder

Craft eye-catching newsletters in seconds with our drag-and-drop features. No coding required!

Integromat Ready

Connect smoothly with other applications through Integromat. Automate repetitive tasks with ease.

Elementor Ready

Easy integration with Elementor's form functions. No coding knowledge require

Daily Backup

Your valuable newsletter and uploaded materials are securely stored on Mail Niaga's servers every day.

WhatsApp Support

Setiap klien akan punyai group support WhatsApp tersendiri. Tim teknikal sedia membantu