Dynamic Email Content

Personalise every email to boost conversions.

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dynamic content

Reach your audience with tailor-made contents

Merge Tags Personalisation

Create a familiar connection with your customers by seamlessly incorporating merge tags such as recipient names, promo codes, subject lines, call-to-actions, and more to customise your email campaigns to each customer.

Spam Compliance

Easily build templates for your brand to send marketing or notification emails using simple drag-and-drop functionalities.

User Easy Update Profile

Let your customer to update their profile from email for next upcoming email.

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Drag-and-Drop Email Builder

Customise designs, embed videos, use call-to-action buttons and more to create amazing newsletters.

Ready-made Templates

Choose from a gallery of ready-made templates and customise it to become uniquely yours.

Dynamic Email Content

Use merge tags to speak directly to your subscribers’ interests and needs that shows you care about their unique preferences.

Mobile-Friendly Emails

All newsletters are optimised for desktop and mobile devices, so you only have to design it once. ​​

Clean & Elegant Design

Inspired by Mailchimp. we make the workflow clean and relavant to users. User-friendly design.

Online Form Builder

Get new leads with customisable forms or embed pop-up forms on your website using ready script from MailNiaga.

Integrasi dengan tool bisnes kegemaran anda

Tambah subscriber ke sistem Mail Niaga daripada tool kegemaran anda. Engage dengan lebih ramai subscriber setiap bulan untuk menaikkan angka jualan.